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Blood from kidney & protein & sugar coming out of kidney?

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ever since my my mom had me shes been having kidney stones & blood & protien been coming out the doctor has been doing test’s does she need dialysis? please help

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Kidney stones don’t necessarily harm the kidney although they may.

The blood could be from multiple causes and could be related to the kidney stones. The blood could also result from infections or the kidney function being lower than normal

It is not normal for the kidneys to leak protein in the urine, although there are some circumstances when it does happen. One of these is kidney disease and it’s one marker of kidney damage. However, it really depends upon what is causing this. Some people have protein in their urine for years and years and are relatively fine.

As for whether or not your mom needs dialysis, it depends on something called the glomerular filtration rate (GFR). This measures how much the kidneys can filter. There are ranges of normal and certain numbers that are below normal but still functioning more or less ok. It is only once the GFR gets below a certain number that they begin dialysis. One way to get a very rough estimate of the GFR is to note urine output. Does your mom urinate a “normal” amount? Or, does she hardly ever have to urinate. If she has to urinate more or less a normal amount, she’s probably has good enough kidney function right now.

That’s good that the doctor is doing tests. He or She is probably just trying to narrow down the possible causes and begin any appropriate treatments, if necessary. I have a feeling that if they are able to get the kidney stones under control (probably a change in diet and/or drinking plenty of fluids plus maybe some meds) the rest will come under control.

Good luck.


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