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I have an uncontrollable cough with cough attacks

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Doctors! I have an uncontrollable cough with cough attacks?

I’ve had a constant strong tickle in my throat for four days now which causes me to uncontrollably cough. Also, pretty much everyday I’ll have a cough attack. All of a sudden I start coughing even more and its difficult to breathe and my eyes water very badly and I start to gag and I’m on the verge of puking. Last Tuesday I came down with a bad sore throat which I just recently got rid of, I also had a fever which didn’t get any higher than 100, I had and still have a stopped up nose and sinus pressure. Then on Thursday I started to lose my voice and by Friday it was gone completely. Now it’s almost totally back but then on Saturday I came down with this awful cough. Sometimes junk from my chest comes up when I cough and sometimes it’s dry. I’ve coughed so much that my abs are sore and my lower back hurts. Do I have bronchitis? Should I go to the doctor? What’s wrong?

Best Answer

Its prolly a bad cold I’ve had pretty much the same thing for several days. Get some cough drops stick with ricola they aren’t as good tasting but they work alot better. Suck on those as much as you can and drink lots of water. If you live somewhere where its dry you may want to get a humidifier. Also get some cough medicine mucinex is good as you’re probably congested. Its know fun I know… If you aren’t feeling a lot better by Next Monday you should prolly see a doctor or if you start to run a fever again. Good luck and feel better!


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