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Why do my feet feel frozen, yet they are warm to the touch?

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Its a horrible feeling, its like frost bite feeling, I keep putting on wool socks and nothing helps, I have even tried heating pad to take that cold feeling away.

Why cold inside and warm outside? Should I be concerned. This is every night, sitting or in bed.

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This sounds like a circulation problem. I would ask the doctor about it. I also have the same problem. The thing is that socks only insulate heat. So, if your feet are just warm to the touch but not generating a lot of heath, this won’t help. Heating pad should help. Also, if it gets really bad, run hot water in the tub, and soak your feet until they feel warm. Then, sleep with a heating pad on. When you go to bed or sit still, blood doesn’t circulate through your feet as well, as they are elevated mostly and you are not using muscles in your feet. So, you can artificially heat them with warm water & a heating pad or get up and run around. The only thing besides that to help is medicine that helps with circulation. If it is keeping you up or giving you severe pain, it is worth asking Your doc about meds.


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