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Period stopping after 1-3 days then starting again?

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Period Starting completely stopping after 1-3 days then starting again the next day?

My period always comes once every 21 days lasting around 5-7 days.
Every time i get it i get pains for the first day. Then the cramps stop and i’m fine.
After around 2-4 days what always happens is this. Strangely i get my period, get the cramps and then after 1-3 days my period completely stops for a day or so.
But then after that day or so my period begins once again and i get cramps again as if my period has started from my begging all over again. This has been happening for a long time.

Best Answer

Periods are a drip, not a faucet that turns off. Therefore, it can stop and start. I hear from girls every day that think they have stopped menstruating for the cycle and then 2 days later get more of their period. This is not unusual and this is why I recommend that you wear a pantiliner for about 3 days once your period stops.

To better understand why this happens I think understanding your entire menstrual cycle is helpful.
Your period is just one part of a larger menstrual cycle. As you grow older and become reproductively mature, you develop a menstrual cycle. During this cycle, the uterus will prepare to house a fertilized egg. If the egg is not fertilized and the woman is not pregnant, then the lining is not needed and is shed (this is why it drips out and will start and stop). It is this shedding of the uterine lining that is called your period. This cycle repeats itself month after month, until the woman reaches menopause.


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