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White chunks coming out of pee hole instead of vagina….?

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i know its kind of tmi but i was told i have a yeast infection so im going to go get med. but when i was looking at my vagina i noticed white chunks like paper folds were coming out of my pee hole and it is kind of coated on the inside of the pee hole with the white stuff.. im worried because im pregnant too :[ but i have had two docs look at my vagina in the past week and dident even notice.

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You don’t have anything to worry about. It’s all part of your yeast infection, especially if you’re pregnant. I would recommend penicillin, not amoxicillin, because that sometimes just makes it worse. But if you have it so bad that it’s leaving a foul odor, talk to your doctor you might be able to use a monist at 5 or something. My niece gets like this when she’s pregnant. and she gets pregnant a lot. good luck


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