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Skin itchy and numb?

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My skin (mainly shoulder, upper arms, and like jaw line are itchy, and when i scratch it, it feels kinda numb I can feel it but not really just kinda weird feeling.
I have had chest acne for the past month or so And my doctor told me it is just acne. But the itching is only been for about 3-4 days. It’s not a constant itch and I think ill be able to sleep. But it is pretty annoying

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need more information, is this recent, are you using any new products? When did this develop, for how long has it been here.

It probably is just from histamine release from an allergy or sensitivity, don’t scratch it anymore. It could be contact dermatitis (A reaction from something that came in contact with your skin)
These 2 above will go away

Is their bumps, what does it look like?
Also some people have on their upper arms
keratosis pilaris (if you have had this for a while)
you know what im tlaking about, bumps on your upper arms and shoulders
its from a buildup of dead skin cells
go to the doctor for this, they can prescribe


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