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How to fix an allergic reaction?

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My friend and I the other night made face masks. We mixed oatmeal with baking soda and hot water and put it on out faces.
It stung a lot at first, so we took it off fast.
Next morning I wake up and my face has swelled up in red blotches and my skin is no longer smooth, its bumpy kinda like i have goosebumps on my face.
Im not allergic to anything I know of. Do you think the face masks are the reason? What can I do to reduce the swelling, redness and the bumps?

Best Answer

you may want to consider taking an antihistamine like benadryl, and applying an antiinflammatory cream like hydrocortisone. (both relatively inexpensive and available over the counter). if the rash is present only where you applied the mask, the chances are pretty good the mask is the cause. how hot was the water? it is also possible the water or baking soda burned your skin.


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